T-Rex is a universal closed-source platform with support for Nvidia graphics cards (Cuda 10.0, 9.2 and 9.1). With this software, you can mine and mine cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ravencoin. Mainer is a command line startup assistant. It can be run through Windows or Linux console, or create shortcuts to a specific command line using the Linux Bash script or Windows command file (batnick). The program supports a large number of algorithms that have been proposed by the developers for their users. Thereby, while using the program, the user will be able to make sure that he can make the fastest possible earnings on the sale of cryptocurrencies. To download the free official version of T-Rex, you need to go to our website and select the appropriate file for your operating system.

T-Rex is software that is only available for Windows and Linux.

Options and Features

  • application and system file msvcr71.dll;
  • manual with English translation;
  • sample configuration file;
  • BATKS for the most famous world coins, which are supported by T-Rex.

Download T-Rex NVIDIA program

To download the mainer on your PC, you need to follow the link on our website. For Windows and Linux were created separate soft versions, where the version of the CUDA architectural model will directly depend on the video drivers installed. Create a folder on one of the hard drives where there is more free space. Unzip the archived Mainer T-Rex files and start customizing for a particular pool.


T-Rex is a popular mining platform supporting NVidia video cards. The program comes with instructions in several languages. It also comes with built-in coins and pools. Each user can use their own wallet.